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Baby Greed Admin: Enjoy The Model 3D Sites. Find what you're look for. :D!? well BYE (zzz) zzz Mar 22, 2019 10:21:11 GMT *
Baby Greed Admin: Like my Zone^_^: It's got goodies that you want to get your hands on :D Awesome Zone is It Yep. Sept 16, 2019 19:44:34 GMT
Baby Greed Admin: In Joy My Zone Awesome zone yep it is. (zzz) zzz BYE Sept 16, 2019 19:46:16 GMT *
Baby Greed Admin: I heard the Artist The true artist Sonic Mascot Yuji Naka is Retires. He's leaving. SEGA Do to His dreams is not going his way. In life, man, you got to get over it's not going to wark. It is best you retire and find someone else to make your dreams. :-/ Jun 6, 2021 1:51:57 GMT *
Baby Greed Admin: So he's retiring big deal. I could never go to the Sonic Stadium and talk to him. I was blocked. But it feels good that Yuji Naka The true Sonic mascot is Retiring. Now there's never going to be a good sonic game or SEGA game now he retires. Jun 6, 2021 1:52:49 GMT *
Baby Greed Admin: The guy that walked into Sega and brung Sonic The Hedgehog to SEGA Is leaving SEGA. Should not scare I am also a Mascot to Baby Greed The Hedgehog. I haven't got the demo out there due to the covid-19. And i don't got enough resources to make it. Jun 6, 2021 2:09:33 GMT *
Baby Greed Admin: But i'm still here. :) But yeah, Yuji Naka Should. Join the epic game community so he can enhance his new skills. Maybe his dream we'll get somewhere there. Well, that's it. See you later. Jun 6, 2021 3:20:38 GMT
Baby Greed Admin: GAL license If you fing it in the site, It's the same rule. Jul 17, 2021 12:30:38 GMT
Baby Greed Admin: GAL license is limited. It is best to use a common license gal cannot not control over video game. I don't think GAL good license I considered Common License. BYE Jul 17, 2021 12:44:06 GMT *
Baby Greed Admin: non-exclusive, worldwide license Aug 2, 2021 19:02:33 GMT *
Baby Greed Admin: What is a non-exclusive licence?
Non-Exclusive Licence

A non-exclusive licence allows you to licence the IP to multiple different parties. The benefit of this licence is that you can continue to use your IP without as many limitations. In addition, this n
Aug 2, 2021 19:03:36 GMT
Baby Greed Admin: Or Non-exclusive licenses grant the licensee rights in the intellectual property but also allow the licensor rights to exploit the intellectual property in question – including granting licenses to other entities. In general, non-exclusive licensees face c Aug 2, 2021 19:04:02 GMT
Baby Greed Admin: And What does a worldwide license mean?
multi-user license
WORLDWIDE LICENSE means a multi-user license for use of the Licensed Materials at multiple sites anywhere in the world. Done Bye
Aug 2, 2021 19:05:10 GMT *
Baby Greed Admin: You love my goodies. Please Remember all these sites are safe. So there's nothing to worry about guarantee. If you come here, You should know 3d models. If not, go back to the lessons. More address will be coming soon. Nice form to be IN JOY Be back soon Aug 11, 2021 13:14:09 GMT *
Baby Greed Admin: Let rock Go Baby Greed The Hedgehog. Mech War RPG BABY BE Aug 21, 2021 23:07:05 GMT
Baby Greed Admin: LOL Aug 21, 2021 23:07:42 GMT
Baby Greed Admin: (YEs he can) My Special Mascot. ;) Team Galaxy Light GOOO Aug 21, 2021 23:09:45 GMT *
Baby Greed Admin: Sonic is in the sun. We are in the Stars in Galaxy. But At home on the Earth With Sonic In Joy > Aug 21, 2021 23:51:07 GMT *
You Like it: When you see it, your heart will want it ^-^!? > Oct 24, 2021 12:24:02 GMT
look cool and new: Jun 29, 2022 2:31:31 GMT
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